Yanti  was born in Bandung, spent all her study there. Never left that beautiful city for more than a week, unless when she worked as QC Analyst for a big name in feed industry. Feeling uneasy with the job she returns home and become a graduate student.

Spent couple of years as grad student at the so called best engineering school in the country where the Presidents once sit on its chairs. After that, move to the capital to make use of the knowledge she got when a multi national company hired her as an Environmental Consultant.

As years passing, she kinda accept the fact that now she is one of the “metropolitan” people who can not be separated from the bustle and the hustle of the Big Durian.



  1. Hayu atuh urang ka luar negeri

  2. Pengennya siy pergi sejenak meninggalkan negeri ini…buat cari angin segar..tp apa daya..kaki masih terpasung disinih…hehehehe

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